I don’t think I have ever blogged about anything in the political realm.  But, I have been following the story of Anthony Weiner’s public disgrace pretty closely.  It makes me sad.  This article really struck me.  It’s the best take on the subject I have read thus far, and I think it is definitely the reaction we as Christ followers should naturally have.  A slice from it:

A person can’t just become a faithfully monogamous person if they are often encouraged to “experiment” in college or view successful marriage as one that doesn’t end too quickly. If intimacy in practice has been a series of one night stands, then sex fails to be intimate. We sell sex all the time through television shows, advertisements and other forms of entertainment we indulge in. Which makes the way the media has portrayed Weiner as another fallen, sleazy person is just confusing. How can the media sell sex so openly and then come down on a person when they buy it?

There is a disconnect between the things we see in the media and the way we know committed relationships and marriages should be.  If we are in a relationship or are married, I don’t think we really have a right to fantasize over the character of Edward Cullen (or whoever – and hey, I’m guilty of this!) or lay our eyes on nude bodies in some raunchy movie.  That’s not your husband.  That’s not your wife.  Sooner or later, those thoughts and images will manifest themselves in one way or another.

Weiner knows he was wrong.  That’s why he lied so adamantly about his actions, through practically a whole week of interviews.  Tiger knows he was wrong.  That’s why he went to rehab (or maybe someone made him? either way, I’m pretty sure he feels badly about it).  Your neighbor, your friend, your whoever, knows he or she was wrong for unfaithful behavior to his or her spouse.  That’s why the person hid.

We’ve got to stop knowingly choosing to do things and think things we would hide over.  But we can’t do that in and of our own strength. We’ve got to go to the One who made us: the author of all things – how they’re really supposed to be.