It’s a sign of growth in my life that I had no idea the Golden Globe Awards were coming on TV tonight until an hour or two ago.  If you know me at all, you know I’m crazy about movie award season. However, I am really excited to say that for the first time in the last six or seven years, I don’t have the slightest clue what the 5-10 films will be nominated for the Best Picture category in the upcoming Academy Awards next month or March. ….That’s not entirely true – I’m sure War Horse will be thrown in there. Though I didn’t see it and probably won’t. Anyway.

I have devoted way too much time, attention, passion, and conversation to the film world. This includes celebrities. I have known for quite some that I might, in fact, worship the big screen. Worship? I find myself talking more passionately about Harry Potter and Sofia Coppola’s directing style and what should be considered the best comedies ever than I do about Jesus. My Savior. My Maker. The Author of life and love. The Man and God in whom and for whom all things exist.

The things that I worship and the things that I most treasure have been revealed to me more than ever  since I moved here to Hattiesburg in August. Being in a position in which my job description is to magnify Jesus before college students, sharing His gospel of salvation from sin with them for their sakes and for all the souls they will encounter for the rest of their lives, it should be no surprise that other lovers will compete for my heart’s affection with more intensity than I’ve known before.

How do you know what it is that you most prize? Jesus says that out of the abundance of a person’s heart his mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). What you talk about, and probably even more what you think about, reveals your heart. What you care about. So I care a lot about movies and music and food and getting married and people enjoying my company. And these are good things. They are! But I am worshipping created things more often and with more zeal than the One who created them. These good things can point us to Him and His love for us, but they are not our portion. He is. And I am thankful He has defeated our self-serving nature with His self-giving one.

And so, this is why we give awards to directors and actors and make-up artists in the film world. Movies and songs and any other form of art don’t exist without their creators. Which shall we marvel at more?