anticipation; new loves.

Is there anything better than the sound of rain outside your window? At night? I’m hoping it will last through the night – best sleep in the woooorld.

I’m kind of at that point in the summer – that “ready to go back, but not quite” feeling that I used to get back in middle and high school. I never thought I’d get that “go back” feeling again after 2009, but such is the nature of any job revolving around the school system schedule. You’re ready to see your friends, see the people you hope, yet again, will actually be your friends this year, buy new school supplies (so fun – admit it), and you’re even slightly interested in your classes (just me?). At the same time, you’re clinging to your schedule of freedom, and you know once school starts again, you’ll be kicking yourself that you actually wished for this day to come, when homework and tests seem to take over your life, and when you realize those kids are never going to be your bosom buddies (probably for the best!). But the excitement of a new year full of new possibilities always wins, and hey, life must go on – learning must continue, work must resume. It’s a good anticipation. So, I “go back” to Hattie in less than a month, where thankfully, no homework or tests (at least not on paper) await me : ) And thankfully, I love what I do.

I wanted to share some new loves:

In the blogging world….

Chatting at the Sky – Emily Freeman’s blog, author of Grace for the Good Girl. She’s so refreshing! See my post below – I’m a fan. Make sure you check out her latest post, “Chartreuse”. How sweet is that story?

Great Smitten – By a woman named Faith. One of her posts entitled, “What I learned from my 20s: Everyone is faking it”, popped up on the homepage of a few weeks ago. I was intrigued. And what a treat! Just read. She writes about writing (haha), marriage, England (where she lives, though she’s American), and well, faith (as in, not her name).

Sashes to the Merchants – Faith also writes on this blog, along with four other women. They are all promoters of creativity being exercised to glorify the Lord. Isn’t that the coolest “About” page you’ve ever seen? I love the silhouettes!

Ok, on to music.

I’ve liked Jon Foreman for a while, but these are new to me.

Yet another Nashville couple. They are amazing! Thanks to Great Smitten for sharing.