This is an experiment.

Earlier today, I read something from a writer/blogger I very much respect, and his advice to writers was this: don’t worry so much about what you write about, but instead, be concerned about how you sound. When your voice is authentic, when you are being yourself as you write, the content will be meaningful and take care of itself.

So here’s the experiment. I’m not editing this post. I am not backspacing or lingering too long over my next thought. I need to be me. I need to just talk to you.

I want to be cool. I really do. But not the traditional kind of cool anymore. No, I used to want that a lot. I want to be the kind of cool that loves herself yet forgets herself for pure enjoyment of life.

I don’t think I think too much about life, I know I do. That should probably stop. By thinking too much about life I mean over-analyzing and fearing the future and being too concerned about little details I can’t control. And it’s happening. I really do think I’m in the process of becoming cool as a cucumber. Of course, harried days will always exist. It goes with being human. But I think we can all make the choice to be LESS STRESSED OUT. For the sake of your health and your Mom’s and your children’s and your friends’, take a breather (an extended one if necessary) and remind yourself that it is not as big of a deal as you’re making it to be. It’s just not. If it’s not evident, I’m talking to myself here (except for the kids part) but I have a feeling many people feel as I do. Thus, I blog…

Misunderstanding the definition of "cool", in my opinion (but funny, nonetheless).

Misunderstanding the definition of “cool”, in my opinion (but funny, nonetheless). Drawing by A. Schaff.

And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? – Matthew 6:27

I love the logic of Jesus. He asks such searching questions. A lot of them are “duh” questions. I mean, are we ever going to look back and say, “I wish I had worried more” or “I wish I had been more stressed, then all my dreams would have come true!”? When we worry, it can sometimes make us operate/take action out of fear. And when we operate out of fear, life is less than it should be. It’s less beautiful.

So be cool. Try to enjoy whatever is right in front of you, even if you loathe it or can’t handle it or just don’t understand it. It won’t eat you, not forever.

And I did backspace and edit a little, but not much. Thought I should be honest about that.


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