I was just thinking about going to bed, but how can I do that with Jon Foreman singing about life in my ear?

At the end of the day, I absolutely relish reflection time. Or chill time. I don’t know exactly what it should be called. But it’s my “settle down” time right before bed, and if I’m not careful, it can last for a few hours. This happened so many times in Hattie. Many of our ministry activities were at night – community groups, the weekly worship meeting, socials. Sometimes my heart would be so full after spending uninterrupted time with students and staff that I just couldn’t help but wrap it up in a little solo worship session at home – writing, reading, listening to music, praying, thanking God for things. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that to anyone before.  Well, here you go, world. And so that’s what I’m kind of in the middle of right now.

I had the privilege of meeting some well-known bloggers this weekend who I admire very much. They shared some great gems of blog advice. One of the most encouraging statements, to me, was something to this effect: “There is no better time to fail at writing than when hardly anyone reads your stuff.” That would be now for me. And it is oddly freeing. Another good one: “Always write the way you talk, as if you’re sitting across from the reader, enjoying coffee together.” This is a huge part of “finding your voice” and being authentic, being consistently yourself. I definitely need to remember that.

I also went camping this weekend. Like, actually slept outside in a tent, for the first time in thirteen years. And it was glorious. I hope to make it a fairly regular event. I am thankful to have made some friends here who are camping experts. : ) We hiked, read, eno-ed, sat for hours talking and being mesmerized by the fact that fire exists, and ate too much. And the weather was PERFECTION!

And now I’m thinking about the fear of the Lord, and how it’s the most freeing thing in the world. To fear (be in reverential awe of) Him, and nothing or no one else. Obviously, that needs to be unpacked, and I don’t have quite the energy for it now. But just relish the beauty of the thought.