In with the old, out with the new.

As I was folding my clean laundry tonight, I realized that I haven’t bought any new clothes in [almost] two months. Sadly, that is probably a record for me. I made the mental decision to not let myself buy ANY piece of clothing while looking for a job, even though technically I could have. It’s by God’s grace I haven’t given in.

I don’t know how many of you who know me would think of me as materialistic, but I would say I very much am. Maybe we all are in some way. For me, it’s clothes (and probably some other things too). I love ’em. The thing is, none of my clothes, shoes, or purses are too expensive. It’s a rare day when something on my person is not either from Target or Old Navy. It’s more about getting more. The newness of it all.

Here’s the surprise – I haven’t really missed shopping. Also, I like my clothes right now.* I have things to wear. And I’m wearing them in new ways. It has unleashed some creativity in me. As silly as it sounds, I have outfits I didn’t know I had, depending on how I pair my pieces. It’s fun, and I feel free of having to buy buy buy and keep up with everybody.

It honestly made me think about how I often do that – lose things I’m accustomed to, things I love…and finding myself delightfully surprised that I don’t really miss that thing so much.  A few more examples…

Going out to eat. I don’t do that much anymore. And I’m enjoying cooking more than I ever have. I’m learning. I feel better too, because I’m preeeetty sure I’m eating healthier.

Social Media. I took a Facebook, Twitter, and Insta hiatus for a month or so last spring when I found that I was spending most of my days clicking, scrolling, and being jealous. I also did that again this summer in Asia. It was so freeing. I honestly had more time to do things that mattered more. And I liked people more, because I wasn’t always comparing myself to their lives presented via the internet.

I’m sure there are other things.

I guess my conclusion somewhat lines up with the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” or “necessity breeds ingenuity”? But it’s a little different. I think our wants, or my wants anyway, have been mistaken for needs  and things I am entitled to and things that are normal. I don’t need new clothes or big meals out or to keep up with everyone on the internet. Those things are nice, but some space from them is also nice.

If any of this has struck a chord in you, I suggest looking into The 7 Experiment by Jen Hatmaker. I kinda sorta did the experiment last spring with a group of women, but would like to try again. It definitely makes you think about your life more carefully.

*Males: contentedness in wardrobe is a very rare situation for females.

Side note that has no direct connection to this post:

And Emily P. Freeman has yet again, I am guessing, unknowingly put my heart in a book she wrote. This promo video largely explains the reason I am taking the time to write on the internet. To you. Whoever you are. Anyway, I can’t wait to read A Million Little Ways!